Getting into Medical Writing

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Are you wondering how to get started as a medical writing professional? Are you wondering what makes a good medical writing CV? Do you to want improve your writing skills? All of the above?

Then come and join us at the (virtual) EMWA Getting into Medical Writing event!

Introduction - Derek Ho

All roads lead to Rome - Maio Chen, Senior Project Manager Medical Writing, AO Foundation

How does one get into medical writing at a rather late stage?

After her career path had taken her from academia to a biotech start-up company, back to academia, becoming a staying at home mom, re-enter the working life as a grant officer, Maio finally decided that medical writing is the right thing for her. She has been a medical writer at the AO Foundation since 2016 and is now happily writing away. In the presentation, Maio will share the steps she took in preparing herself for a switch into medical writing mid-career.

What I look for in a medical writer CV - Julia Cooper, Head of Global Medical Writing Services, Parexel

Julia’s medical writing career started in the same year ICH E3 became effective (work that one out!) and she has worked in medical writing groups in Germany, UK, China and Ireland. Julia has been responsible for recruitment of medical writers since 1999. During the presentation, Julia will discuss what makes a good medical writing CV, and share advice on CV content and format that can help your application proceed to the next stage.

Tips for improving your writing skills - Alison Rapley, Freelance writer and trainer

Alison worked in medical writing for over 25 years and been involved in recruiting a lot of medical writers.  She will provide some simple tips to help you refine your writing skills. These tips can be usefully applied to medical writing tests which are commonly part of the recruitment process.  The presentation will include “before and after” examples which show how to improve the clarity and readability of your writing, and how to avoid unnecessary wordiness.

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