EPDP Workshop Programme

We are aiming for online workshops that offer, as far as possible, the same interactive experience you would get from a face-to-face workshop. The maximum number of attendees is 30 for foundation workshops and 20 for advanced workshops.

Conference registration allows each delegate to book up to 5 workshops, subject to availability. There is a fee for each workshop, in addition to the conference registration fee. 

If you are intending to do the workshop for credit, please note that to gain a credit you must:

    • Attend the workshop. Participants who miss more than 30 minutes of instructional time (by arriving late, leaving early or by being absent from the  online session for a long period) will not be eligible for credit, and
    • Satisfactorily complete the pre-workshop assignment (if applicable), and
    • Satisfactorily complete the post-workshop assignment, and submit it by the deadline given.

We suggest you consider the workload associated with the workshops you are considering booking. Past conference delegates have told us that attending 4 workshops can result in a post-conference workload that is hard to fit in with work and other commitments.

Post-workshop assignments typically take up to 3 hours to complete (see the workshop abstracts for more detail) and the deadline is usually 6 weeks after the conference.  Post-workshop assignments must be your own work. We do not accept joint submissions or submissions based on joint working unless specified by the workshop leader.

When you have registered for a workshop, please download the pre-workshop assignment. You do not need to wait for further instructions from the workshop leader. To download, click on the download symbol on the right hand side of the workshop you are attending on the programme page.

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