Tim Koder

Oxford PharmaGenesis

Leading a diverse business unit at Oxford PharmaGenesis, Tim enjoys helping pharmaceutical companies to generate and communicate evidence for development and use of medicines, and helping to develop client teams and our own people at Oxford PharmaGenesis with learning and development. Tim’s motivation in his strategy and communications role is to support patient care by strengthening quality and transparency in our industry.

Tim is especially proud of Open Pharma
https://openpharma.blog, working with pharmaceutical companies, publishers, patients and other stakeholders in healthcare to improve the model for medical publishing. Strengthening links between pharma, academia and publishing makes sense for Tim, following BSc Neuroscience at University College London, then MSc, PhD and a brief postdoc at the University of Bristol, three years at Taylor & Francis producing medical books, journals and websites, training as medical writer at Caudex, then moving to account management at Communigen, Ogilvy Healthworld and now Oxford PharmaGenesis.