Satyen Shenoy

Describe Scientific Writing & Communications

Satyen is a medical writer operating his consultancy, Describe, from Germany.

Satyen comes from a background in biomedical research having spent over a decade in academia as well as the pharma industry, in India, the USA, and Germany. He has worked on various research projects, ranging from gene-bashing to stem cell differentiation to anticancer drug discovery. In 2010, Satyen got his first taste of medical writing while drafting a manuscript for a large-scale vaccine trial conducted by a multinational pharma company. Since then, he has found his true calling, has traded his labcoat for a Macbook Pro, and pursued a career in medical writing. With an intention of being a part of the medical writing profession in Europe, Satyen moved to Germany in 2015 to open his little scriptorium.

Satyen has been an EMWA member since 2010. He is a volunteer with the Freelance Business Group (FBG), as a Freelance Advocate in the past and as Chairperson of the FBG subcommittee since May 2018. Besides promoting effective scientific communication, Satyen is also keenly involved in the development of freelance medical writing as a profession in Germany and Europe