Sandra Petty

Center for Biomedical Research Transparency

Dr. Sandra Petty is an academic and clinical neurologist, medical educator, and co-founder and CEO of the Center for Biomedical Research Transparency, New York. Dr. Petty is keen to facilitate transparent reporting of results in biomedical research - particularly including studies where there are so-called "negative", inconclusive or replicative results. This enhances communication of results between scientists and clinicians, and will improve research efficiency, create better-informed research study design, and ultimately, improve patient care.
Dr. Petty completed specialist training in Neurology in 2006 and currently works in epilepsy at St Vincent’s Hospital, and The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. She undertook combined clinical and research training in neurology and in bone health. She was Senior Lecturer at The University of Melbourne Medical School focusing on curriculum development, transition to medical practice and medical cognizance. Dr. Petty is a Director of the Brain Foundation of Victoria. 
She was awarded her PhD in 2009, examining bone health, body composition, falls and fracture risk in twins and siblings discordant for anti-epileptic medication use. Dr. Petty completed postdoctoral work utilizing a mouse primary calvarial osteoblast model and patch clamping technique to examine the effects of epilepsy medications on ion channels in osteoblasts.